Your Business Is Our Business.

When you succeed, we succeed. That’s why at NID, we are always asking ourselves ‘What more can we give to our customers to make their experience with us effortless and effective? Here are our key promises to you.

On Time Delivery

Our mantra for delivery is “On Time, Every Time”.  We recently achieved 100% on time with 75% advance delivery.  As we continue to work towards maintaining this benchmark, we are also expanding our engineering and customer service teams to serve you better.

On Top of Technology

To date, we have made over 600 moguls. Mogul operators prefer NID’s well-tested designs and reliable equipment. We are constantly keeping ahead of the competition with our technology and innovation.

Soon, NID will be launching our new Printer Depositor and Mogul lines. Get in touch with us to be the first to view our latest machines.

Known for Longevity

Recently, one of our technicians, Borja, went to service an NID machine which was made in the 1960s. The machine, like many others, is still in good working condition. And this is why many of our long-time customers know, our machines are built to last. 

Measuring to Improve

You can’t manage what you can’t measure – so we measure. Taking a data-driven management approach, we track our outcomes so we know we are keeping our promises every stage of the way – from sales enquiry to production to delivery.

Relevant & Responsive

Our enhanced customer service processes enable us to attend to queries faster than ever. Through our worldwide network, customers can reach us via by phone or email. Our technicians are also trained to address your machine issues remotely.