NID_Turbo_OilerThe NID Automatic Turbo Oiler provides continuous flow oiling and polishing for jelly and gum-based confectioneries.

The Turbo Oiler consists of a stainless steel drum that rotates to provide a gentle lifting and rolling action of the articles.

The Turbo Oiler comes equipped with its own electrical control panel that contains all the switchgear for the operation of the machine, including speed control and overload protection for the electric motor.

Two versions are available to suit your production requirements:

  • The NID Standard Turbo Oiler is ideal for a medium production, with throughput ranging up to 2300 kg/hr
  • The NID Extended Turbo Oiler, having a longer drum, is perfectly suited for high speed NID Moguls with throughput of up to 3600 kg/hr

The optional Hydraulic Tilting Device gives an additional degree of freedom in controlling the residence time.


The NID Automatic Turbo Oiler is designed to coat all jelly and gum-based confectioneries with an ‘all round and even’ coating of oil. This provides a glaze and greater depth of colour to enhance the attractiveness of the product.


  • All parts in contact with candy are stainless steel, with continuous seam welding to maintain hygiene
  • Spiral guides and lifting bars continuously turn the goods with a gentle lifting and rolling action, resulting in a light and even oil-polishing of every article
  • Accumulation of goods in the drum provides a retention time for optimum oil coating
  • Variable speed drum rotation to suit production throughput
  • Reversible drum drive to completely discharge all candy at the end of production run
  • Heaters to maintain the required drum temperature for correct oil viscosity and the best possible oil-polishing results
  • Stainless steel oil reservoir with electric heating and thermostatic oil temperature control
  • A variable flow metering pump to dispense oil accurately
  • Drum made of dimpled plate to prevent adhesion of candy to the drum surface
  • Product input sensor automatically that stops and starts the oil supply
  • Polished stainless steel covers