sugar-coatingThe fully-integrated NID Turbo Sugar Coater is an automatic system for the continuous controlled sugar coating of starch moulded jelly and gum based confectionery. Proven and dependable, the Turbo Sugar Coater produces up to 3600 kg/hr to provide a perfect match for the modern NID Moguls.

Normally included in the scope of supply is an Input Steaming Conveyor which receives demoulded articles from the Mogul, and then steams them prior to sugar coating.


Designed to coat all starch moulded jelly and gum-based confectioneries with an ‘all round and even’ coating of sugar granules. This creates a sweeter taste and frosting effect to enhance the attractiveness of the product.


  • All parts in contact with sugar and candy are stainless steel, with continuous seam welding to maintain hygiene
  • Above and below-belt multiple steam jets with independent top and bottom steam valves
  • Variable steaming exposure duration
  • Chain-guided stainless steel wire mesh belt for perfect tracking
  • Variable speed drum rotation for optimum coating
  • Reversible drum drive to completely discharge all sugar and candy for drum cleaning
  • Spiral action, providing a continuous positive product flow
  • Contra-flow sugar circulation and improved sugar curtain
  • Heated-air blower to maintain low sugar moisture
  • Variable temperature control and fan speed control
  • Sugar Hopper with adjustable vibratory feed, conveniently pivoted for easy access to drum
  • Product input sensor to stop or start sugar feed