cleaning-300x231The NID Laser Candy Cleaner has been designed and developed specifically for the continuous cleaning of products with intricate surface patterns. The Laser system employs air-operated high-pressure rotary air-jets mounted above and below an open-weave wire belt. This belt carries the product through the intense sweeping and cleaning action generated by the spinning air-jets.

The Laser comes equipped with its own electrical control panel that contains all the switchgear for the operation of the machine including speed control, and overload protection for the electric motor.

Two standard sizes are available to suit your production requirements:

  • The NID Twin Laser is ideal for production output of up to 2300 kg/hr
  • The NID Triple Laser having an additional pair of spinning air-jets is perfectly suited for higher production output, up to 3600 kg/hr.


Finishing processes such as oiling or polishing require articles to be completely free from starch. NID’s Laser Candy Cleaner ensures the efficient removal of all starch from articles, carries the starch away from the machine, returning it cleanly and safely back to the starch circulation system for economical re-use.


  • 400 mm (16”) wide open-weave stainless steel wire belt
  • Adjustable belt conveyor height
  • Chain-guided belt for perfect tracking
  • Starch dust or flour removal from the most intricate surface patterns
  • Fragile and delicate article cleaning without damage
  • Product cleaning on all surfaces
  • Internal dust-collection cones
  • External outlet ports allowing dust to be drawn off into separate dust collector
  • Variable speed belt drive for optimum throughput and cleaning, to match production flow
  • A combined air filter and pressure regulator for compressed air
  • Castor mounting for mobility
  • Improved acoustic insulation
  • Painted surfaces in baked on powder coating, resilient to abrasion, water and acid.