Moulding our machines to meet your production needs.

NID supplies a variety of starch moulding lines to suit individual production requirements. The NID automatic Tray Feeders, Stackers, Starch and Depositor sections, integrated into a mogul line offer the ultimate in versatility and bring out the unsurpassed advantages of starch moulding. The machines are designed and engineered for continuous high-speed production. The combination of a ‘walking beam’ (chainless) tray transport, stationary pumps and a special feature of tray lift close to the nozzles during depositing eliminates tailing even for highly aerated materials or masses with high solids content. We offer different types of Depositors to cater to your needs for flexibility and speed. The Entry Automatic Tray Feeder and Automatic Tray Stacker are optimised for fast, reliable operation and can be built to specific heights and tray sizes, maximising yields. The multi tray sub-stack arrangement permits high speed production yet low-speed stack movement into the Feeder and out of the Stacker.

To maximise your production even further we offer two working widths – the traditional 820 mm tray and the extra wide 1200 mm tray. ‘Mini Moguls’ are also available for R&D or small scale production.



The M3000 Mogul offers continuous high-speed production (35 trays per minute) and demoulding of high quality articles of any concept or idea. The “simplicity” of design makes this mogul one of the most user-friendly machines on the market.



The NID M301-S Mogul offers unsurpassed flexibility and is ideally suited to situations where production demands a wide variety of different articles to be produced within a very short period of time. When frequent product changes are needed, NID’s swinging pumps, with their lightweight and inexpensive accessories are the complete and economical solution.

Mini Mogul


The semi-automatic mini mogul is the ideal machine for R&D or small scale production of the most popular confections.