NID_Starch-ConditioningThe NID starch conditioning system uniquely combines a fluidising bed Vortex Dryer for starch moisture removal, and a Screw Conveyor Cooler for starch cooling. This combination offers unsurpassed performance and efficiency to meet all of your starch conditioning needs.

Vortex Dryer

The NID fluidising bed Vortex Dryer has been used successfully for many years to dry and aerate moulding starch and is generally recognised in the industry as the most efficient form of drying and aeration.

The drying cabinet has large heating air intakes on each side, giving a large airflow at a low velocity which efficiently transfers heat and evenly distributes air over the full width of the fluidising beds. Both intakes are fitted with steam heated heat exchangers for high performance and efficient heat transfer.


The Vortex Dryer is offered with either one or two fluidising beds each of 4.5 metres long x 1 metre wide depending on the required capacity.

An overhead mounted Dust Collector reclaims airborne starch, using automatic sequential reverse air-jets, returning it directly into the starch system. Steam valves, regulators and sensors are included.


  • Fluidised bed air-induced turbulence with large volume airflow
  • Two steam heated heat exchangers with large air intakes
  • Adjustable speed rotary inlet valve, starch metering and slat conveying
  • Integrated Dust Collector with suction fan is mounted on top of the Vortex frame returning starch directly to the Vortex Dryer
  • Dust Collectors with fully automatic reverse air-jets continuously and sequentially control filter membrane cleaning
  • Starch recovery conveyor in the base of the Vortex Dryer cabinet returns starch collected below the fluidising bed to the Vortex Dryer starch flow
  • Individually designed continuous spiral starch conveyor systems
  • Heat exchanger temperatures are controlled by an automatic steam-modulating valve and heat sensor. The starch temperature is indicated by a dial thermometer mounted on the dryer cabinet
  • Dust Collector suction fan produces an airflow of 255 m3/min (9000 CFM) and is fitted with a silencer
  • Dust Collector has 80 m2 of filter area with sequential reverse air-jet automatic cleaning and pressure-relief membrane panels
  • Floor-mounted electrical control panel which includes all control and switchgear to conveniently control all dryer parameters such as starch flow rate, temperature and fan airflow rate