We are a passionate lot

We work hard to uphold our reputation as the maker of one of the most trusted starch moulding machines in the world. With our core team of leaders, we strive to earn the confidence and loyalty of our customers around the world.

Meet our Team


Edward Smagarinsky, COO

Edward is a leading industry expert in starch moulding systems, with over 33 years of global experience.

As a young student of Mechanical Engineering, he joined the design department of NID in 1982, working to improve starch moulding equipment and expand production capabilities required by confectioners worldwide. Over the next 22 years, Edward’s technical knowledge and growing reputation among the global client base led him to take on the role of Sales Director.

Following a decade away working with a large global company, Edward has now returned to NID. He leads our teams to advise customers and successfully delivery our starch moulding projects to the highest quality.

Luca Menassi, Production Coordinator (Moguls, Small Machines and Spare parts)

Luca oversees the production department. One of the key contributors to NID’s recent productivity gains, Luca specialises in the fabrication of parts and moguls. He is also responsible for coming up with efficient production lines for our small machines and spare parts, ensuring high quality standards at every milestone.

Other Key Operations Members

Oddy  – (CNC Machine Shop Team Leader) as he is affectionally known has 33 years of experience with NID, joining as a First Class Machinist in 1982. He is in charge of leading the team operating the lathes and milling machines, as well as managing tools and stocks. Oddy has a passion for crafting pumps, and his talent and expertise have brought him to where he is today.

Mirko – (Mogul Assembly Manager) has 42 years of experience with NID, Joining the company as a Fitter in 1973, Mirko rose up the ranks fast. He became a Leading Hand after just three years and subsequently in 1979, he became the Pre-Assembly Manager. Today, he holds a central role in the phase of final assembly and factory acceptance testing of the machines. 100 per cent committed to NID, Mirko feels his experience and knowledge working with old machines give him an edge when dealing with the newer ones.

Eddy – (Pump Shop Team) has 33 years of experience with NID and came to the company with 20 years of experience working for the Government in Poland in the department in charge of city transport (Trams and Buses). Having joined NID in 1982 as a Fitter, he is known as a diligent and reliable team player who likes to keep busy and is always looking for something to fix. Eddy is currently in charge of assembling injection pumps for the moguls. Passionate and meticulous about high-quality finishing, he is an artisan in his trade.

Jerzy (or George) – (Feeder & Stacker Assembly Manager), as he likes to be referred to, has 34 years of experience with NID. Joining the company as a Fitter in the Pre-Assembly area in 1981, George became the manager of the Feeders and Stackers in 1986. He obtained his Mechanical Engineering qualifications in Poland where he also worked for the Military maintaining Jets. Impeccably organised and well-versed in all the intricacies of documentation, George continues Mr Faerber’s legacy to redesign and improve our machines for NID’s customers.

Customer Service, Sales and Marketing

Robert Beaven, Customer Service Coordinator

Robert is in charge of customer relations on spare parts and retrofits. Judging from the many compliments he receives from customers, Robert is trusted for his speedy response to their queries and his ability to connect them to just the right person at NID to get what they need. Robert joined us in 2010, while he was student at the University of Sydney, Australia. He has since graduated with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours). His engineering background puts him in a terrific position to bring together technical knowledge and familiarity with our products and services for the benefit of our customers.